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B-14 Merveille Senzoku

Location 1-10-1, Kitasenzoku, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Access Approximately a 2-minute walk from the Ikegami station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line
Site area 300.32㎡
Total floor space 1,075.85㎡
Structure/Floors Steel-framed reinforced concrete, Reinforced concrete structure/flat roof, B1/9F
Completion September 2002
Acquisition date July 3, 2018

Location Characteristics

The property is accessible to several lines and stations and is an approximately 6-minute walk from the Senzoku station on the Tokyu Meguro Line, an approximately 7-minute walk from the Kita-senzoku station and an approximately 10-minute walk from the Ookayama station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line. Many kind of community facilities such as grocery store, convenience store, hospital, bank, library and children’s play-ground are located within an approximately 10-minute walkable area. The area combines satisfactory living environment and convenience. Regarding the surrounding environment, many apartment houses line along an arterial road as popular location for urban residence. On the other hand lots of detached house are concentrated behind the road, and a quiet atmosphere has been created. The property is affected by noise and dust as location along the Loop Road No.7, however certain comfortability is maintained by balconies placed at back of the road, certain sunshine and ventilation. The property is close to the station and commercial district around the station. The location is high in convenience. Furthermore, it takes approximately 12 minutes by train from the Senzoku station to the Shibuya station via the Meguro station, and approximately 19 minutes by train to the Shinjuku station via the Meguro station. The area is considered to have strong demand as residence district.

Surrounding Environment and Property Features

Though deterioration has been seen from aging, the condition of the building and equipment has been maintained at the same level as buildings which compete with the property. Both layout and equipment are standard level. The property is expected to be in demand stably from single persons mainly


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