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A-64 Alte Building Higobashi

Location 1-15-27, Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Osaka
Access Approximately a 2-minute walk from the above-mentioned Higobashi station
Site area 543.72㎡
Total floor space 4,503.74㎡
Structure/Floors Steel structure with flat roof, B1/10F
Completion June 1993
Acquisition date July 3, 2018

Location Characteristics

The “Higobashi area”, where the property is located is served by Higobashi Station on the Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line, and office buildings stand mainly along Yotsubashisuji Street and Tosabori-dori Street. The area has been developed as a sub-market of “Midosuji area” and “Dojima/Nakanoshima area”, however the mixture of business facilities and residence has been progressing mainly along the back streets in recent years. In addition, derived demands from subsidiaries of tenants located in the neighboring “Dojima/Nakanoshima area” and “Yodoyabashi area” are often recognized in the area. The property is located an approximately 2-minute walk from the above-mentioned Higobashi station, although the building does not face to the main street of Yotsubashisuji Street, it is considered to be highly competitive in the market as it is close to the station and has visibility from Tosabori-dori Street on the north side.

Property Features

The property is categorized as a small- and medium-sized building as it has the total floor space of approximately 1,400 tsubo and the standard floor space of approximately 120 tsubo. The property is considered to be highly evaluated since its leasing spaces are regularly shaped with no pillars and can be divided into small sections of 15 tsubo at the minimum. Its building age and level of equipment are at standard level in the area, and the building specification can meet tenants’ needs. The building is considered to maintain a certain competitive edge in the market since it underwent entrance and common area renovation recently and the property has incidental facilities including refreshment room.


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