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A-63 Esprit Kameido

Location 2-36-12, Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Access Approximately a 6-minute walk from the Kameido station on the JR Sobu Line and Tobu Kameido Line
Site area 401.81㎡
Total floor space 2,239.02㎡ (Note 1)
Structure/Floors Steel-framed flat roof, 10F
Completion June 1991
Acquisition date July 3, 2018
(Note 1)The figure does not include the annex building.
(Note 2)
(Note 3)
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(Note 7)

Location Characteristics

Access to the “Kinshicho area” is rated high because of accessibility to major office areas such as the those around Tokyo station, Mitsukoshimae station and Otemachi station by the JR Line and subway. Small retail properties such as Atre Kameido which is located north side of Kameido station and residential properties such as individual houses and apartment buildings gather together around the station near to where the property is located. The area has certain market scale as small-to-middle-sized offices are found although its recognition as an office area is low because there is no large sized office building in the area. The property is an approximately 6-minute walk from the Kameido station on the JR Sobu Line and Tobu Kameido Line. It has certain competitiveness because of good location along Meiji dori Avenue which is a main street in the area.

Property Features

The property is small-sized building with total floor space of approximately 700 tsubo and standard floor space of approximately 60 tsubo. The size of the building is average in the area. Furthermore the property has certain competitiveness in the “Kinshicho area” where relatively old buildings are often found. The property is equipped with standard specifications that meet tenants’ needs.


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