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Location 1-1 Babashita-cho, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo
Access Approximately a minute walk from Waseda station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
Site area 1,722.47㎡
Total floor space 5,961.95㎡
Structure/Floors Steel-framed reinforced concrete,8F
Completion July 1986
Acquisition date July 2, 2015

Location Characteristics

The Takadanobaba zone, in which FORECAST Waseda FIRST is located, is an area that expands to the east and west from Takadanobaba Station on the JR Lines, and mainly consists of restaurants and retail shops with a mixture of office buildings. Waseda SIA Building is close to Waseda station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line located in the eastern side of the Takadanobaba zone. Waseda Middle School, High School and University are located around the station and residential district spread out in the surrounding area. Thus, a certain demand is recognized from tenants related to Waseda and from service businesses for students, etc. within the area. Waseda SIA Building is a one-minute walk from Waseda station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line and proximity to the nearest station can be highly evaluated. Furthermore, it can also have high visibility as a building facing Waseda-Dori street. As the location has scarcity value, it can be highly evaluated from the tenants related to education, such as various schools.

Property Features

As many buildings located in the Takadanobaba zone are small-sized building with less than 1,000 tsubos of total floor space, the size of FORECAST Waseda FIRST is greater than that of buldings in the volume zone (zone with largest distribution). In particular the solicitation power in terms of the standard floor size can be evaluated. Furthermore, as the building age is equivalent to that of buildings in the volume zone, the building has standard competitive
advantages in terms of the building age. The building is equipped with a standard level of facilities and specifications which can meet the tenants’ needs.


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