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C-2 Komyoike Act

Location 2-1-3, Kamotanidai, Minami-ku, Sakai, Osaka
Access Approximately a 2-minute walk from the of Komyoike Station on the Semboku Rapid Railway
Site area 2,081.39㎡
Total floor space 12,013.67㎡
Structure/Floors Steel-framed reinforced concrete with flat roof,B2/7F
Completion April 1988
Acquisition date February 12, 2015

Location Characteristics

Senboku New Town (Izumigaoka district to Komyoike district) was developed during 1965 to 1982 in the Senboku region. Residential areas are concentrated along Semboku Rapid Railway and a “new town” market with high residential density is created around the station front. Although the population will age in the future, many families are also moving into the area and the market profile is favorable.Semboku New Town extends across Sakai City (the second largest city in Osaka Prefecture in terms of both the population and the size of the area following Osaka City) and Izumi City
(created in September 1956 through a merger of one town and six villages and the population surpassed 180 thousand people in 2010).

Property Features

Komyoike Act is a retail building located at the boundary between Izumi City and Sakai City, and around a 2-minute walk from the south exit of Komyoike Station on the Semboku Rapid Railway. Thus it can be said to have highly convenient locational conditions. The southern side of the station is
enjoying prosperity of the station front and services convenient for living such as a bus terminal and concentration of banks.A pedestrian deck extending from the south exit of the station has been built, making the floor connected to it the first floor.
Komyoike Act is the retail facility nearest to the station among those connected to the station by the deck, and people will walk in front of the facility when they walk on the deck after getting off trains at the station. It is superior in terms of convenience and the visibility is also favorable.Komyoike Act’s main tenants are restaurants such as fast food restaurants and Japanese pubs, and stores of service businesses including a clinic, a massage clinic and a beauty clinic. A gym is located on its fourth floor and fifth floors, making it a building that satisfies the needs of users of the station and
residents in the surrounding areas centering on services and restaurants by utilizing its convenience of being located at the station front.


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