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A-9 GreenOak Kayabacho

Location 3-2, Shinkawa 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access Approximately a two-minute walk from Kayabacho Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai and Hibiya Lines
Site area 666.46㎡ (Note 1)
Total floor space 4,072.56㎡
Structure/Floors Steel-framed reinforced concrete structure/flat roof, B1/8F
Completion March 1990
Acquisition date April 24, 2014
(Note 1)The site area includes the private road burden area of approximately 64.3㎡, which is the total area of the portion for the private road burden with a designated location and the portion that is deemed as a road pursuant to Article 42-2 of the Building Standards Act (setback portion).
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Location Characteristics

GreenOak Kayabacho is located in the Shinkawa area, which is situated on the east side of the Kayabacho area across the canal. The area is in an environment characterized by the surrounding rivers – the Nihombashi River to the north, the Kamejima River to the west through south side, and the Sumida River on the east side. The Kayabacho area has Kayabacho Station where the Tokyo Metro Tozai and Hibiya Lines are available, while the Hatchobori area has Hatchobori Station where the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and the JR Keiyo Line can be used.

In terms of the office market, the Shinkawa area was once positioned to take on the demand primarily from securities companies that overflew from Kayabacho (a securities business circle area), and is expected to continue receiving demand from the securities industry to a certain degree even now. In addition, demand from a wide range of clients looking for office spaces in areas along the Hibiya and Tozai Lines or those focusing on convenience without specifying a particular area.

Property Features

GreenOak Kayabacho is approximately a two-minute walk from Kayabacho Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai and Hibiya Lines, located on a corner lot along Eitai-Dori street. In the Shinkawa area, it is a select property featuring good location with excellent visibility.

Although the building was completed in 1990, it underwent renovation works centering on its common areas so that its specifications do not reflect its real age. The Property also features bright and open leasing areas, as it has few pillars to block views and employs horizontal band windows including in the corners.


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