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Location 3-17, Shinjuku 4-chome, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access Approximately a five-minute walk from the south exit or the new south exit of Shinjuku Station on the JR lines, and approximately a minute-walk from Shinjuku-Sanchome Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi and Fukutoshin Lines and the Toei Subway Shinjuku Line
Site area 2,956.08㎡
Total floor space 18,423.33㎡ (Note 1)
Structure/Floors Steel-framed reinforced concrete, steel-framed structure/flat roof, B1/8F
Completion November 1980
Acquisition date April 24, 2014
(Note 1)Although the property is a building held in sectional ownership, the indicated figure is for the entire building.
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Location Characteristics

FORECAST Shinjuku SOUTH is located in the Higashi-Shinjuku area situated to the east of Shinjuku Station, which is one of the largest terminal stations in the world. Shinjuku Station is prominent in terms of access convenience, as many railway lines are available including JR, Keio, Odakyu, Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines. This feature has made the area in front of the station a commercial district that is one of the largest in Japan. In particular, the sections with the address of Shinjuku 3-chome have a concentration of large-scale retail facilities including major department stores as well as a wide variety of shops, theaters and amusement facilities.

The Shinjuku 4-chome section where the Property stands, situated to the south of the Koshu-Kaido avenue, has rows of office buildings along the Meiji-Dori street but its backdrop is a residential district. Moreover, the Shinjuku 4-chome section is adjacent to the areas with the address of Sendagaya, and is accessible to Yoyogi Station on the JR lines in around 8 to 10 minutes on foot.

As a whole, the Higashi-Shinjuku area has a strong retail atmosphere, and supply of office buildings in the area is rather small compared to the western side of Shinjuku Station. However, there always exists demand from a wide range of clients looking for office spaces that do not need to have offices in the high-rise buildings in the Nishi-Shinjuku area but value the good access convenience of the Higashi-Shinjuku area or want to have offices along the available JR lines and subway lines mentioned above. The areas in the neighborhood of Shinjuku Station are a point of importance in the western part of central Tokyo, and there are companies that need to have operation bases (branches and business offices) for the western part, as well as headquarters. As such, demand is also expected for facilities that serve the needs of clients looking for spaces from a wide range of business categories or serve general visitors.

Property Features

FORECAST Shinjuku SOUTH is approximately a five-minute walk from the south or new south exits of Shinjuku Station on the JR lines and approximately a one-minute walk from Shinjuku-Sanchome Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi and Fukutoshin Lines and the Toei Subway Shinjuku Line. Located along the Meiji-Dori street, it enjoys a certain level of recognition in terms of visibility and convenience.

The building has the benefits of its scale, with a standard floor area of approximately 540 tsubos. Although it was completed in 1980, it underwent large-scale renovation work including seismic reinforcement. Despite the ceiling height that is comparable for a building of this age, the facilities have specifications that can meet a certain level of recent tenant requirements. There are many opportunities in which investigations are made by clients looking for office spaces with a focus on a location within walking distance from Shinjuku Station. Due to such solid demand, the Property should be able to maintain stable income.


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