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A-5 FORECAST Ichigaya(Note 1)

Location 3-29 Ichigaya Honmura-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access Approximately a two-minute walk from Ichigaya Station on the Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line
Site area 809.55㎡ (Note 2)
Total floor space 5,404.86㎡
Structure/Floors Steel-framed, steel-framed reinforced concrete structure/flat roof, B1/9F
Completion August 2009
Acquisition date April 24, 2014
(Note 1)For this property, the name of FORECAST Ichigaya is used for the 1st through 7th floors as a property for office use, and the name of Eponoqu Ichigaya is used for the 8th and 9th floors as a property for residential use. However, the entire property including the residential portion is described as FORECAST Ichigaya.
(Note 2)The site area includes the private road burden portion (approximately 0.65㎡) in accordance with Article 42-2 of the Building Standards Act.
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Location Characteristics

FORECAST Ichigaya is located in the Ichigaya area that originally developed as a “high-class residential district in the Yamanote (uptown) areas” and strongly holds remnants of the atmosphere even now. The area is also known as a town having a large number of students, since many famous universities like Sophia University and Hosei University have campuses. In addition, office buildings also line the Yasukuni-Dori and Sotobori-Dori streets near Ichigaya Station, housing many excellent companies as tenants. Accordingly, the Ichigaya area has many aspects as it is a residential district, a students’ town and an office complex.

The area has good access convenience, as JR Chuo and Sobu Lines, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho and Nanboku Lines and Toei Subway Shinjuku Line are available at Ichigaya Station.

Due to the connectivity of these railway lines, tenants looking for office spaces in buildings around Ichigaya Station tend to also investigate buildings in the adjacent Yotsuya, Kojimachi-Bancho, Kudan (north and south) and Iidabashi areas. As such, it can be said that an office market has been formed together with these adjacent areas. Moreover, with no concentration on certain business categories, the area is characteristically being investigated as a candidate by clients looking for office spaces. As there are headquarters of large companies in neighboring areas, the area can also expect demand for certain specific locations, such as space for branch offices near the headquarters.

Property Features

FORECAST Ichigaya is approximately a two-minute walk from Ichigaya Station on the Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line, the nearest station, located along the Yasukuni-Dori street. It features good access convenience, as Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, JR Chuo and Sobu Lines and Toei Subway Shinjuku Line are also available. The backdrop along the Sotobori-Dori street has a landscale comprising the Imperial Palace moats and rich greenery, and demand from tenants that prefer a composed environment to business districts can be expected.

The building is fairly new, completed in 2009, and equipped with a high level of basic facilities. This and other factors should provide the Property with a certain competitive advantage in the area.


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