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As of May 26,2017

Total Acquisition Price 204.8billion yen
Average Occupancy Rate 99.4%
Number of Acquired Properties 65
Average NOI Yield 4.9%

■By asset type

■Investment ratio by area

Office Buildings

■By area

Average Occupancy Rate 99.7%
Average NOI Yield 4.9%

Residential Properties

■By area

Average Occupancy Rate 98.1%
Average NOI Yield 5.3%

Retail properties

■By area

Average Occupancy Rate 97.5%
Average NOI Yield 5.0%

(Note 1) “Average occupancy rate” indicates the ratio of the total leased floor space against the total leasable floor space of acquired properties as of the end of April 2017, rounded to the first decimal place.
(Note 2) The figures for “average NOI yield” have been calculated by using the following formula, rounded to the first decimal place.
Total appraisal NOI of acquired property in each type / Total acquisition price.

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