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Creating the future with our “unique perspective” based on our “solid typical Japanese style”


“Serious, Steady, Solid.”
Strict investment discipline & flexible and timely investment
”Pursuing a stable and robust investment focusing on supply and demand”
Target three assets types deeply rooted in the Japanese society
Investment focused on medium-sized office properties in Tokyo and residential properties in Tokyo
“Realize the potential value of real estate with our unique perspective”
“Tripart management” by utilizing our portfolio’s strength


NIPPON VISION “Seriously, Steadily, Solidly.”

Our investment philosophy “Serious, Steady, Solid.”
Firmly maintaining an investment discipline we have established based on our investment philosophy, we will build a “stable and robust portfolio” focusing on the balance between supply and demand by acquiring properties from third parties, taking the unitholders’ perspective in an “untiring pursuit of a stable and robust portfolio,” the essence of our investment discipline.

Continuing to enhance unitholders’ value based on our three-pronged management that takes advantage of the accumulated strengths of our portfolio.
Continuing to achieve results by pursuing the intrinsic and potential value of real estate with a steady approach, without being obsessed with showiness and appearance.

The behavior and vision we target, based on which we will use more energy than anyone else in building a portfolio and conducting asset management during the period with a craftsman-like, Japanese nature, is our branding concept for NIPPON VISION.


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